Ekaterina Tokareva

I first came across Yoga 5 years ago when I was already anticipating my little miracle, my son. He was the one who showed me the way to Yoga and he keeps leading me on: I share all the fruit of my Yoga practice with him and I see that there’s nothing more precious or wonderful I can give to my son.

Being a mother has changed my life completely and filled it with the true sense. My son, my happiness has come to my life and brought a lot of light, joy, laughter and wisdom with him. I’d been practising Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho (Master’s Level) and Zhong Yuan Qigong by Grandmaster Xu Mingtang (Level 4) before he was born, but during my pregnancy and maternity it was Yoga that came to my life and gave me the priceless fruit: tranquillity, peace, wisdom, ability to accept and understand my body; it has brought light to my life and to the life of my family.

Driven by the desire to bestow light and wisdom of Yoga on women and mothers-to-be, I took prenatal Yoga courses by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Birthlight. Next to this extraordinary woman, a Mother, a very wise and harmonious person, I felt right at home as if at last I had found a place in this world where the streams of all the knowledge and skills I accumulated during my life merged into one. On the one hand, the practice that Uma was passing was the classic Purna Yoga, on the other hand, she embellished it with her unique feminine charm and her deep insight into the needs of a female body bearing and giving birth to a baby.

I am incredibly happy to have an opportunity to do what I love in this life: to teach Yoga to women and expectant mothers. I believe that this work gives precious fruit; it helps women reveal their nature and enjoy their feminine power to become happy mothers, it gives mums confidence in their power and makes them love their extraordinarily beautiful and wise body as well as carry and deliver healthy and happy children.

My personal Sadhana is Vipassana as well as Sukshma Vyayama by Dhirendra Brahmachari; both of these priceless practices have resonated deeply with my body and mind.

My Yoga education: I finished Yoga Teachers’ course in 2009-2010 in Ashtanga Yoga Centre and a certified Prenatal Yoga Birthlight course conducted by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Birthlight Yoga Program, UK). Now I’m taking more teacher courses under Iyengar Yoga Program.

After I came to know the Birthlight system, charmed with its delicacy and depth, I also took Aqua Baby courses tutored by Amanda Gawthrope. As I discovered the world of water, received the love of water, confidence and Aqua Baby teaching methods as a gift from my teacher Amanda, from her delicate hands and her warm heart, I am really happy to share all of this with mothers and their babies!