Marina Zyuganova

I was  inspired  by Birthlight   philosophy since  my pregnancy. I’ve practiced prenatal yoga   and I suppose this gave me a possibility of  having very pleasant pregnancy period and helped a lot  when  giving birth. In short time  after my son  Alex was born, we began to practice Birthlight Baby yoga at home and then we  decided to try Birthlight early swimming in Brightfamily center. I would like to take this opportunity and to  say thanks to all our teachers for their help and support!  
Then  I’ve  decided to  widen my knowledge in  early swimming  and  graduated from Birthlight  Early swimming training course  in 2012 with our wonderful tutor  Amanda Gawthrope. Since then I am  working  for  Brightfamily center in Moscow.
For me  Birthlight early swimming is not only  a perfect method how to teach babies to swim, but also a possibility  to  help both parent and baby relax in their shared enjoyment of the movements during the lesson.  With  this  stable base of trust is formed and the baby can move happily into exploration and the journey to independence, forming a deep-rooted foundation for future physical and emotional security as an adult.

I speak  both English and French and I am  very much  looking forward to welcoming you in our  swimming pool!