Baby Swimming teacher, certified Birthlight™ instructor, Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

My pregnancy showed me a breathtaking way to myself. My life literally made a 360 degree turn. I faced a lot of questions like what lifestyle to choose to do good to my baby, what food to eat, how to get prepared for the childbirth and what to do with the baby I was going to have. I started browsing different baby practices and found an interest in water exercises. I’ve always loved water but I was a bit afraid of it since I was in a near-drowning situation at the age of 12. I didn’t know how to swim or dive correctly at all. I started attending a swimming pool when I was six months pregnant. I was practising Yoga, reading a lot, taking courses for pregnant women. 

Five days after my son Timophey was born I started bathing him in a tub using all my knowledge and inspired by Jean Liedloff’s book The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost. At first I was scared even to think of such a little baby diving. But soon I noticed that if I do everything smoothly and fight my fear, the baby feels calm and confident. 

When the tub got too small for us, we followed our friends’ advice and visited a Birthlight swimming pool where we got an incredible positive experience of swimming and diving in a very delicate, joyful form of a game. Our whole family appreciated the Birthlight system. I was impressed by the gentle individual approach to every parent and child. The atmosphere of trust prevailed during the classes. I saw that my son was enjoying the process and so was I. We started attending the swimming pool regularly and the progress was not a long time coming. In the water, Timophey feels in his element and I learned how to dive together with him and found an interest in free-diving. It’s a great pleasure to dive together with him and communicate under the water, smile to each other and dive into the deep. 

All of it gave me an inspiration to become a baby swimming teacher myself. As I was studying and practising, I obtained the knowledge that I want to share with other people to help them enhance their relationship with their children through the water. I believe that water makes you feel free and liberated. 

I’ve also been practising Kundalini Yoga for the last six years and it has helped me find a lot of the answers through a deep insight into my body, breathing, heart and mind.