Darya Nasilevskaya

Certified Birthlight™ Instructor: Baby Swimming for 1.5-month-olds and Baby Yoga. Certified psychologist. 

The period of 2006-2008 when my daughter was born made me reconsider my values entirely. I realized then that a child’s development is based on parental love and support. Knowing that parents love him or her and accept them as they are will help a child succeed. All of us live in a very complicated and chaotic world today. We often forget to give our children the joy and pleasure of communicating with us, and yet they need our strongest support as the basis for their well-being in life. 

The period that I’ve mentioned was the time when I first came across the Birthlight system. I guess it was destiny that showed me the way to this wonderful world of boundless love and trust, the world of Birthlight. At this point in time, I’m interested mostly in the Birthlight classes as follows: Infant Aquatics (Baby Swimming) and Baby Yoga. At the same time, I study the issues of swimming and health and look for some new ideas and approaches to bringing up children and myself as well. Therefore, I completed Birthlight courses and received the certificates of Baby Swimming Teacher and Baby Yoga Teacher. All of these changes in my vision inspired me for further education in Preschool Children Pedagogy and Psychology where I’ve been granted a Master’s degree. 

I started swimming with my daughter when she was only 10 days old and I discovered swimming as an incredible joy of moving together with the baby in the same rhythm, sharing the pleasure and enjoyment of what we do, feeling happy for her progress and for the wonderful time spent together. There is no place for violence, compulsion or reproach here; there are only parents and babies, respect and support. Little by little, I’m turning my daughter to my Yoga practice. She loves the movements and enjoys the classes. When we practise together, we share the joy of the exercise, learn to trust each other and to relax. 

That is why parents take part in most of the classes held in our Centre. I do believe and realize that only with this kind of approach our children have a chance to become happy in the future! I want to share my knowledge and skills with every parent and child right now! 

I’ll be happy to see you at my classes where your family can dive into this magical and amazing world of harmony and affinity with your children. 

Thank you for your attention! Yours sincerely, Darya Nasilevskaya.