Anna Tkachenko

Hello, my name is Anna Tkachenko.
I'm an early swim instructor. My way to coaching was through self-development and search for my purpose.
In the recent past, I am an accountant, but the work in this direction did not bring me moral satisfaction.
Since childhood, I have experienced great interest and joy in communication, employment with children. I nursed younger brothers, sisters, nephews, children of close friends. I'm a kid's dance class. I also have a certificate of children's fitness trainer.
Actually intuitively find the approach to children. And kids easily go with me on contact.
On a beautiful day, I had the opportunity to study at Birthlight school according to its unique system.
Birthlight approach captivated me with its softness, physiology, comfort and awareness.
The concept of Birthlight is a joint swimming with the baby, which gives the best results (physiological, emotional, social development), because both parents and children feel confident, being in a calm, non-competitive atmosphere.
Water is natural and in the first year of the child's life is also the most familiar environment! Water contributes to the harmonious development of the body, has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state.
With great pleasure and interest I practice classes (group and individual) with children and their parents.
To take part in the development of children and observe the results of these practices is a great joy for me!
I will be glad to see you and your kids in the classroom!

Yours, Anna.