Ощущать себя красивыми и упешными...оставаться свободными и открытыми миру…быть задорными и раскованными…находиться среди близких по духу людей…учиться и узнавать новое…построить крепкую семью…по-настоящему насладиться отдыхом…искать истину вместе…с нами в центре «Светлая Семья»!

BrightFamily is a Positive Living Centre that brings together the most innovative international workshops and training programs designed for the whole family and based on the thoughtful value-oriented approach to yourself, to your children, family and to the whole world around you!

We do believe that the core of the human nature is love, that’s why in our job we focus on respect to everyone’s inner rhythm and give everyone an opportunity to practise with pleasure, at their own pace, without vanity and for the result they want to achieve.

Probably, the most important classes we have in our Centre are Birthlight’s gentle practices for parents (Birthlight™, UK, Cambridge). The reason why Birthlight has become so incredibly popular in the world is the unique professional methodology using every achievement in human history: from wisdom of the East to the scientific know-how of the West. BrightFamily offers all of the Birthlight classes: Prenatal Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Baby Yoga 0-4 years, Baby Swimming (for children of 1.5 months and older) as well as WellWoman Yoga.

Our Centre is also the first in Russia to offer WATSU, a present-day form of hydrokinesiotherapy (WATSU®). Individual Watsu sessions are available at the comfort of the warm (32°C) swimming pool.

BrightFamily also offers some other interesting training programs, workshops and professional instructor training courses conducted by famous Russian and foreign specialists.

The classes in our Centre are held in mini-groups or as private sessions only. The most important thing is that adults and their children of any age can take classes and have fun together!

All our teachers are skilled professionals trained by the leading foreign and Russian instructors. In our Centre, you’ll meet the celebrity instructors who have set the highest standards for the classes we offer, together with thousands of professionals all over the world.

BrightFamily Positive Living Centre will bring you the joy of discovery, a perfect chance to meet new people and deep, healthy relaxation. Welcome to our Positive Living Centre!