Our Classes

Studios of the BrightFamily Positive Living Centre:


        • Baby Swimming (1.5 months old and older)
        • Aqua Yoga (variety of programs)
        • Perinatal Yoga
        • WellWoman Yoga
        • Dr Francoise Barbira-Freedmans Baby Yoga and Massage
        • Teacher training
        • Aqua Baby (KICK by KICK program)
        • Watsu
        • Aqua Zumba 
        • Swimming
Gym classes  
        • Yoga for women
        • Yoga for kids (4 years old and older)
        • Mandala Dance
        • Lectures (training) on feeding, carrying and exercising for mums and dads
        • Thai Massage

One of the main activities of BrightFamily Positive Living Centre are programs for parents based on Birthlight system (UK, Cambridge). Birthlight is an international organization that unites enthusiasts of professional care for the maternity period and pays special attention to the holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and babyhood using Yoga and breathing techniques.

Birthlights mission is to support mothers and fathers in their aspiration to experience a babys birth and early upbringing most happily and joyfully.

The Birthlight system was founded by a Cambridge university professor about 30 years ago and was welcomed by professionals and parents all over the world. It was Birthlight that gave rise to such popular western practices as pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, aqua yoga and baby yoga.

Birthlights approach to infant and toddler swimming still cannot be surpassed in its efficiency, scientific approach and caring attitude to the child. Birthlights phenomenal fame that is sustained by the growth rate of a network of specialized centres and qualified instructors all over the world can be attributed to the holistic view as the basis of this approach.

Techniques are developed while using all the modern achievements. The centre is proud to present all the Birthlight activities:

  • Early swimming lessons for children of 1.5 months and older
  • Pre-school, family and individual swimming
  • Aqua Yoga (variety of programs)
  • Perinatal yoga (for pregnancy and postnatal period)
  • WellWoman Yoga
  • Dr Francoise Barbira-Freedmans Baby Yoga and Massage

Olga Belotserkovskaya, a famous Moscow instructor, conducts workshops for young parents and professionals in the BrightFamily studio. One of them is her own course Living with a child is easy!, a labor and delivery training course Expecting a miracle, and a school for mums and dads MAPAPA. BrightFamily also offers activities for adults that are popular in dozens of countries: Watsu, a modern hydrokinesitherapy technique, taught by the best certified specialist in Russia; Aqua Zumba, a novelty for Moscow, a fitness class in a swimming pool to the sounds of energetic Latin American rhythms and African drums, and a yoga and Ayurveda studio.

Join us, it will be fun!