Aqua Yoga with Birthlight Instructors

Birthlight Aqua Yoga programs taught in our warm (32-34C) and cozy swimming pool are among the most popular classes of our Centre.

Aquanatal Yoga Birthlight (Aqua Yoga for pregnant women)

Water is an ideal medium for pregnant women due to its therapeutic and supporting properties. It makes it possible to do various stretching and breathing exercises that are more difficult on the firm ground during pregnancy. Aquanatal Yoga Birthlight offers an easily accessible and gentle way to support an expectant mother. The Aquanatal Yoga objectives are:

  • To enjoy the environment without strain
  • To remain in good shape after the delivery
  • To open the pelvis and get ready for the childbirth
  • To strengthen the spine and abdominals
  • To gain control over the pelvic floor muscles
  • To increase breathing capacity
  • To relax deeply and drop all anxiety and fear
  • To develop an intimate bond with the growing baby
  • To gain support and to meet other pregnant women in the group

The therapeutic and supporting water influence together with harmonizing relaxation are the best environment both for the pregnant woman and for her future child.

Postnatal Aqua Yoga Birthlight (Aqua Yoga for women who have just given birth)

Postnatal Aqua Yoga logically continues Aquanatal Yoga classes. It helps to close the pelvis after birth, to realign the spine, to tone and strengthen the pelvis and the lumbar. Water has a therapeutic effect on the perineum, being an ideal medium for toning the pelvic floor muscles. Breathing still remains an integral Aqua Yoga component.

This Birthlight program does not aim at just coming back to shape. It is rather a new goal that the mother faces to gain new strength and stamina that are not only preserved after her pregnancy but, on the contrary, are enriched due to the transformational influence of giving birth and the feeling of completion, typical of new mothers.

Aqua Yoga Therapy Birthlight (Aqua Yoga for Health and Wellbeing)

Aqua Yoga Therapy is a gentle and at the same time powerful type of training that uses the supporting properties of water, stretching in water medium and relaxation. It is intended for those who cannot enjoy traditional yoga classes because of injuries or discomfort when doing certain asanas. Aqua Yoga expands the range of asanas and can even improve chronic illness conditions. It is possible to move a lot even during a relatively short water class, thus, even a small half-hour training renews the body and replenishes its stamina.

Aqua Yoga combines slow exercise with breathing and relaxation. The water resistance contributes to efficient muscle training. It feels as though the body weighs virtually nothing, so exercises that are hard to do on firm ground are pleasant and not over-straining in water.

All our instructors have been trained by highly qualified UK teacher trainers and hold Birthlight international diplomas.