BabyContact Dance Improvisation

The main goal of our classes is interaction of the mother (father, grandmother) and the baby in movement. There is an easy way to understand the baby better to establish contact through the body, through movement. To make it enjoyable and creative, we arrange a space where parents and children may feel free and relaxed, where we can learn flexibility, naturalness and spontaneity from babies.

Specially selected exercises from body-oriented therapy, contact improvisation and baby yoga, working with voice and sound, poems, folk songs and dancing with objects make BabyContact classes polymodal (that is, involving all the senses of your baby). Using touches of different character, a variety of body support help turn your interaction into dancing together.

During the class the baby can be held in hands, be in a sling or simply next to the mum.

What does BabyContact give you?

For mothers it is an opportunity to feel happiness of movement, to express themselves in a dance, to get back to shape after childbirth, to establish a close bond to their baby and to learn new unusual ways of interaction with the baby.

For babies these classes create a gentle environment for harmonious development and early socialization via new tactile sensations, images, music, emotions.

Our instructor is Tanya Ostafieva, an experienced teacher and Psychologist for Children with Special Needs.

I see BabyContact as baby contact, open, free, spontaneous. It is a dance aimed at expressing emotions with the body. It is a non-verbal conversation with the baby. I strive to equip you with means of expressing feelings, teach you the body language, but you create your poem yourself.

it seems far too serious.)))

In fact, these are the funniest classes of all those that I used to attend with my daughter! It is a game, fun, communication, music! It is sound, light, color, singing, touch, learning and acquisition! What is acquired? Emotions, poems, games, new ways of moving and holding the baby, experience of interacting with exciting objects and other children

I do my best to make classes polymodal, affecting all the senses of the baby. And the adult as well! I meet parents who come across contact dance for the first time and parents who have already attended (with a variety of experience) adult contact improvisation classes. All of them say that BabyContact is something absolutely different, less serious, intrusive, grown-up and more open and free. It makes it possible for them to feel like babies and to become fully involved in the movement and dance process.

A dad said: I thought well have to express ourselves in some way, this is a dance. But we just had fun!

Join us, lets have fun together!

BabyContact teacher and child psychologist

Tanya Ostafieva