Adults who cannot swim demonstrate both muscular and psychological stereotypes rooted in their subconscious that hinder the learning process. The older the person is, the harder it is to get rid of them completely.

Taking into account all the nuances and modern techniques for teaching adults how to swim, we offer our individual program that will teach you how to swim confidently and even dive after only one month of learning.

When teaching adults how to swim we stress psychological comfort of learning process, paying attention to the learners physique and goals. Thus, there is a unique individual tempo and program of classes for everyone. Training sessions are conducted by a professional athlete, who is a swimming instructor, and a psychologist, also a swimming instructor. We offer individual classes, so you wont be one of the many in the swimming pool. The depth of our swimming pool allows you to stand confidently at full height, and the warm water provides a superb source of relaxation for your body.

After the learning course you will be able to develop your new skills in the comfortable environment of our swimming pool, to take part in Aqua Yoga or Aqua Zumba classes and later to swim in the open water.

By getting rid of your fear of water you free yourself for happier and fuller perception of life. We are certain that while learning you will also enjoy swimming greatly, in addition to toning your body, since for adults swimming is not only fun but also a way of maintaining their health.

Medical certificates are required for swimming classes.