Lost and Found

October 24, 2011

Art-Object by Anna Silivonchik

A shy blue elephant with a kind look in his eyes is carrying a little girl with an umbrella on its back; the girl is asleep and dreaming of a white rabbit or maybe of a prince charming... Anna Silivonchik, a wonderful, delicate, outstanding artist from Belarus, paints her pictures just like a story-teller writes his fairy-tales. Humour and childlike spontaneity are mixed with the deep psychological sense of the stories she depicts.

September 21, 2011

Edible Cream

Arun Thai Natural is a line of 100% natural massage and body care cosmetics. The formulation of Arun Thai Natural oils, scrubs and balms includes only virgin essential oils and natural ingredients such as beeswax, clay, local Thai fruit and herbs, rice... No additives or chemical processing! The cream from this line is so natural that you can eat it! These cosmetic products are produced by hand at a small family-owned factory in Chiang Mai (in the North of Thailand). They are incredibly simple and authentic but sophisticated at the same time... Creators of Arun Thai Natural, Mareike (an Australian of Dutch origin) and her husband (a Thai) run experiments but show due respect to traditions and protect fervently the fundamental principle: complete naturalness. Arun Thai Natural products are not tested on animals!