Pregnancy Yoga with Birthlight Instructors

What is perinatal yoga and who is it for?

Everything starts from the beginning. No matter how simple this truth may be, it is the key to everything related to a new life being born. Very often a new life is being created long before the conception, when parents just start thinking about a baby or start preparing for the conception. That is why before the conception and at early stages of pregnancy it is especially important to structure your life in the way that will induce this unborn child to want to come to our world. It is easier to achieve if the mother is pleased with her life and happy. If the life goal is happiness, then perinatal yoga classes bring mothers more pleasure from their bodies, pregnancy, childbirth and babies. These classes with be beneficial both for expecting mothers and for those who are only starting to think about having a baby.

Perinatal yoga classes are based on carefully tuned adaptation of ancient traditional techniques in the form of simple exercise and relaxation methods. The yoga tradition that has spread all over the world as a holistic practice provides the foundation of our classes. Perinatal yoga classes include three main aspect of any yoga:

1) Working with the body in asanas. Movements without adrenaline or sport records influence the most important for the woman body areas and muscles. On the other hand, the static nature of asanas that many of us are used to is not the best solution when preparing for giving a birth. The childbirth is a process and it has no room for statics. That is why all the perinatal yoga asanas are adapted for this very purpose. Gracefulness and elegance bring dignity.

2) Breathing techniques, pranayama. Light and deep breathing develops instinctive wisdom of breath, increase breathing capacity and tune the flow according to the womans own rhythm.

3) Meditation and relaxation techniques. Despite all the achievements of modern medical science, our quick-paced life very often ignores the general condition of the woman before and during pregnancy, since all the attention is directed to the childbirth process and caring after the newborn. Various studies have proved that a pleasant and joyful pregnancy exerts a huge long-term positive influence upon the womans health that is transmitted from mothers and their babies to the entire family and the society in general. Sometimes women are simply not capable or even unable to relax. The habit to be an achiever, to beat records or to make plans keeps preventing them from relaxing for even a second. Is it something that the woman needs while giving a birth? Certainly the childbirth has its ultimate goal of giving life to the baby but this process is not an endless rush, there are as many pauses during the delivery as there are labor pains. Moreover, the duration of rest after a contraction is longer than this contraction. The skill of being able to relax completely, especially during the pauses, makes it possible to gain satisfaction from the entire process.

Perinatal yoga practice satisfies the womans physical, emotional and spiritual needs, so much required for a harmonious pregnancy. The skill to relax and release has become very rare due to our rushing lifestyle, but it is exactly the skill that determines the childbirth process and the womans satisfaction afterwards. Pregnancy yoga is intended not only for the mother but also for the baby. The mothers breath is the babys oxygen and the mothers voice is the babys sound massage. Prenatal yoga ensures postnatal bond between the mother and the baby and all these together form perinatal yoga. Every pregnancy, every childbirth and every baby are unique. The perinatal yoga classes are intended for promoting the successful transition to motherhood. Childbirth can be a self-realization experience for most women and it is impossible to deny its spiritual component.